About Kevin

Kevin Bluemel is a contemporary instrumental pianist and composer. His style incorporates

catchy melodies, a vast array of instruments, and a virtuosic approach to piano playing.

1987 – 2009 – Beginnings

July 28, 1987, in Salt Lake City Utah, Kevin was born to Alan and Laura Bluemel. Kevin began

learning to play the piano by ear at the age of three. By the age of four, his parents enrolled

him in piano lessons with a local neighborhood teacher. By ten, Kevin had begun writing his first

songs. It was this same year that his parents took him to a David Lanz concert, which turned out

to be a life changing event. That evening, after seeing a nine-foot concert grand piano lit

magically by a single spotlight, he chose to make music his passion and never looked back.

Kevin immediately began honing and developing his skills at writing music. Countless hours

were devoted to this passion, often rehearsing four to eight hours a day. It was also during this time

Kevin was drawn to the extravagant showmanship of the great 19th century piano virtuoso, Franz Liszt.

Realizing Liszt’s music was some of the most difficult music written for the piano, he practiced Liszt’s

techniques tirelessly. It didn’t take long when Kevin’s own unique musical style began taking shape.

By now Kevin had written many songs and desperately wanted to share them with others.

However, Kevin was trapped by the prohibitive costs of recording in a professional studio.

He invested in his first digital recording machine and starting writing and recording a series of

albums which he now refers to as the “unofficial” or “early releases”.

Riviera (2005)

True Nature (2006)

Storm Front (2007)

Release (2007)

This was a very busy time for Kevin. Endless hours were spent discovering new ways to write

and produce music. This experience would serve him well into the future, making it possible for

him to completely manage the entire production process from a song’s inception all the way to

its final release.

2010 – Kevin Bluemel

In January of 2010, at the age of twenty-two, Kevin Bluemel, Kevin’s first professional album

debuted on iTunes. This release received a warm welcome from newly discovered fans in

various countries around the globe. Sailing the Forgotten launched almost immediately

afterwards, quickly becoming Kevin’s most popular song on Pandora and iTunes. It was also

during this time that Kevin started building his own private studio and began honing his skills as

a sound engineer. “This was a key pivotal point,” Kevin shares. “After releasing the Kevin

Bluemel album and building my studio, I gained a powerful, moving vision, for what would

eventually become the Uncharted project.”

2011 – 2013 – Uncharted

The music for Uncharted was very carefully selected from material written over almost a decade.

Some songs, such as Forest of Dreams, Seaside and Storm Front, had appeared on some of

Kevin’s earlier unofficial albums and eventually made the final cut for Uncharted. Most of the

album’s 13 songs were written during the year or so prior to Uncharted’s production, which took

14 months to complete. Overture, track 12 on the album, now competes for plays with Kevin’s

previous hit, Sailing the Forgotten – also surpassing 1/2 million plays alone on Pandora since its

release. The rest of Uncharted’s songs have also garnered attention on many music streaming

and radio sites including Sirius XM, iTunes and Spotify. Uncharted was also featured in a review

on New Age Music World by John P. Olsen.

2013 – Present – Chronic Illness

In June of 2013, Kevin was bitten by a tick while hiking in the foothills of Salt Lake City. The

two years that followed brought many strange and debilitating symptoms. In May of 2017, Kevin

was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, more accurately known as Lyme Borreliosis MSIDS,

or Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome. Kevin is now working with a physician who

is helping him regain his health. Recovery happens slowly and incorporates both holistic and

western medical treatment modalities.

The past four years have been very challenging. Fortunately, Kevin has been able to write a

number of albums chronicling his journey during this time. Over the next several years as he

recovers, Kevin will record and subsequently release these albums.

Please check back periodically for more information.